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Quite Possible an Amazing Game. CODER NEEDED

2008-11-03 22:28:56 by DanielChae

first news post

Recently i've been working on a game for Christmas, i won't say much and ruin it but it has a very fun, random, original plot line. Its an easy going game for normal gamers, that enjoy fun little games on the holidays. However, i am looking for a coder. Someone that has had experience before [to make up for the lack of mine] and is committed and [hopefully] will be as dedicated to the completion of this game as i am. I have created somewhat of a character sprite sheet, the simple things like WALK, RUN, HIT, JUMP, etc. and hoping for a coder who can use all that to work as closely to the game as i've imagined.
Of course the programmer will be paid, contact me and i'll be willing to negotiate or work a fair price. and any winnings we get from the Christmas Flash contest [i think they had one last year right?] will be split 50-50 and any money from the API will be given 30-70 to the coder. the programmer will get 70%. as you can already see, i'm not really in it for the money [not that many people online are...] but more to just see my creation [atleast half] up on the interwebs for people to enjoy.
i have much experience in flash, [been using for about 2 years now]. i own a wacom tablet, a designing room, a robot butler, the whole shebang. [if you look at my page, theres 1 flash movie up, which i'm not really proud of... lol].
If you are interested, please PM me with some of your past work, and i hope we'll get off on the right foot.

as i've explained somewhat at the top, the game is going to be a simple classical arcade game. the best example i can give [its the biggest influence i have to the direction of my game] is the new buccaneer battle thats on the front page. The game itself will be set and BASED ON charles dicken's CHRISTMAS CAROL.

tl;dr? a.d.h.d?

i'm looking for a coder to work with me on the completion of my christmas game, hopefully in time for this christmas. or if not, i can wait another year to perfect it. i'll pay a resonable, negotiated price, and the earnings of API will be split 30-70. [the 70s for the coder].

the programmer must be dedicated, have experience, and be ready to show me past works.

also, the programmer must be tall, preferably Taurus, like long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and pina coladas

below is a picture of my character. his name is scrooge. you might know him later in his life.

Quite Possible an Amazing Game. CODER NEEDED


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2008-11-03 23:04:14

awesome. i might be interested


2008-11-04 01:08:23

cool, i like the character, looks pretty funky, goodluck making it =)

DanielChae responds:



2008-11-04 05:48:04

sweet, although this is just a beginning of an idea im already psyched, u do amazing animation :3

too bad i dont know as :(


2008-11-04 19:01:37

I might be able to

DanielChae responds:

if you can send a pm or email me at with your previous work that'll be great


2008-11-04 21:09:52

I'd be interested in working on it with you, but I'd have a few prerequisites:

1. Have a schedule set up with weekly meetings over MSN or Skype. This is so we can, obviously, work together and communicate any progress; it would also help me stay motivated.
2. All graphics and movieclips would need to be organised in a special folder hierarchie I'd send. This is so I can understand what parts are available and what still needs to be linked with code.
3. Flash CS3 or CS4. It's not an absolute prerequisite, but it'd help a lot as I use CS3 myself (Prior versions, Flash 8 and down, don't support ActionScript 3.0 so you wouldn't be able to open and test my scripts. I'd still be able to import your graphics).

I work with ActionScript Classes so, taken you use Flash CS3, you could there after reuse my classes and just change the graphics in order to build new player characters without interfering the logic.

Anyway, if you're interested in my offer, add me over MSN or send me an email. For both, the adress is


2008-11-05 07:20:25

also iv found you a good coder =) if ur interested in having a chat to him (so sam underscore =) he said he'd be keen to have a look at what your upto =) goodluck


2008-11-05 23:30:31

looks like you've got your hands full