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Good solid animation and plot, gotta give you that.

the sound quality and overall voice actor ruined it in numerous way though, the mic popping every now and then is never pleasant and the sound effects literally drowned out the narrator more than once.

i know you were trying to go for the epic nature, but there really was no climax.

and a side note, im not sure who recorded the voices, and if it was you, no offense but i wasn't sure if it was a girl or a boy throughout the movie. which took away alot from the movie because it was humorous for me.

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Zwickel responds:

I notice all the audio problems, it was hard to change as I already had the lines done by the voiceactor.


nice take on it. loved the fbf. great job, but the length was too short for my taste

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Different concept

Fun to watch animation, i liked the style alot

definitely a different take on the first madness flash and the blood and gore.
i don't really know what to say to improve this.

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it seems wonderful

but personally, i couldnt get past the two rocks level after the field... i couldnt clear the jump...

Keep Outdoing it.

I kinda want to say this will be the best game on newgrounds, but Luis and Bomtoons, you guys keep outdoing your previous works. So basically, i'm just waiting for your next game, which will most likely be hella lot better than this [i don't know how thats possible, but you'll somehow manage to do it]

Tips for beating the game:
1. Use the bosseses' attacks to your advantage. For Kity Krew, keep attacking one of the minions until the x comes below you, then run away from it and the minions will run into the x and take off half of their lives. same goes for mindchamber, [i had him kill himself, and never even touched him]

2. Use friendly fire. for the ranged attacks, stand up against the top wall so everyone is in a line, when they are in your sight, the person behind the person you are attacking will attack with a ranged attack which will damage another enemy and not you.

3. mob attack. like above, stand WAY up against the top wall until the enemies all get into a line, then run into them and start attacking while still moving towards them, get 75 consecutive rallies and you'll get the juggler.

4. save guts. although the zombies wadolf spawns eats them, they won't eat them unless they are in their way, that means save the ones that are on the way edge of the map.

5. johnny and stamper. keep hitting one of them or keep running until johnny blows up stamper. then just corner johnny at the edge of the map and spam attack, moving back a bit and coming back again to avoid the bubble. then just jump and attack stamper until hes at the edge as well and he goes back to his normal form.

6. combination for the lock is CROWN POO THUMB.

7. cleaner. it goes WAY faster if you go up and down rather than side to side. [you also unlock a very average character if you get over 80%]

8. get a mob like number 3, then spam bombs.

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Good but...

Its a great game, don't get me wrong. Its creative, slightly addicting and well-created. The graphics aren't too bad either. Its a great game but somethings that really should be added are evident.

I understand that the whole new process of tower defense is new and creative, but i would have LOVED to have seen a mode i could play in where my blocks weren't confined to a grid, and have the option of turning it on or off. This would allow room for more creativeness.

Also, the sword became too weak to fast, i stuck with it through level 3 hoping it would atleast be DECENT but by level 3, its not even a secondary weapon to the magic, it just becomes obsolete. I understand that you probably did this to have the people play around with different magic skills, but its always good to have the sword be atleast a SECONDARY weapon.

And finally, the whole buying in the middle of combat thing. Instead of having the magic buying menu come up ONLY during the middle of the battle, why not have available for purchase before? i died about 2 times in the first two levels because i was looking at the magic skills that were available while people went on attacking me.

Other than that, its a great solid game and i would love to see more of this.

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